Thursday, 5 March 2009


Breaking the Rules of Watercolour

We filmed this new DVD in February and it is now in the editing stage.

If you enjoyed Taking Risks, I think you'll love this one.

It takes the form of a workshop where I explore some of my completed paintings as well as teaching the techniques used to achieve them.

It will be available from April 2009


MEG said...

Can't wait for the Master Class to come out. I live in Argentina and for the moment see no other chance of receiving your precious teachings.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Shirley, what great news that you have a new DVD in the works. Add me to the list when it comes out. I have your 2 books and the Risk DVD. Will you please come to the states for a workshop or post on your site workshops in England? Your work is unusual and so refreshing.

Susan Liles said...

Big fan of yours! Looking forward to the new DVD and purchasing it. Have you listed on my blog links.

Theresa Evans said...

An inspirational DVD ....already watched it twice! Looking forward to your upcoming exhibition very much.


Nancy Lee said...

Shirley! I just got your dvd and looooved it. Immediately played with "Making Marks" - and had a lot of fun with it! Purchased some oil pastels and bamboo sticks, found an old credit card (my favorite tip) and waded into the watercolor fully armed! The neophyte result is now on my blog. Thanks for the wonderful workshop - it is full of great information and art!

laura said...

I have two of your books, which I love, and have just ordered the DVD, which I am really looking forward to. Thank you!