Monday, 8 December 2008

New Work Online

Blues in a Room (watercolour and mixed media)
One of 10 recent works I have uploaded to my online gallery:

The work was painted this year in France where I was enjoying a years adventure living deep in the beautiful Dordogne countryside.

It is a mixture of still life studies and a series of abstract landscapes. I just had to record the stunning change of seasons and didit in the most vibrant way I could think of.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

French Diary

2nd September 2007 (beginning a year in the Dordogne)

Feels like Autumn, mist heavy this morning & quite chilly. The garden really needs the goats back, it is looking very lush & overgrown, especially the willow tree. Two cockerells have been 'taken-away' so it is a lot quieter in the morning.
Visit to Rauffet. Even more wonderful than we remembered. Judy went through all the things we have to do. Can't believe I'm looking forward to living next to a forest!
Never lived anywhere where you can pick lemons for your gin, walnuts for your salad, figs for breakfast, apples for your lunch and even grapes!
St Francis-Michael will be looking after all the birds & loads of fish.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Orange Street exhibition 2009

I shall be exhibiting in November 2009 at Orange St Gallery.
This will be my second exhibition with Orange Street.

Watch the blog and the main website for more details nearer the time.

A year in France

I've been in France for nearly a year now.
Every day I've kept a visual diary of events in my life here.

I'm hoping to publish these drawings at some point.
Perhaps on my website or even as a publication.

Friday, 23 May 2008

New Abstracts

I have been painting in France for a few months, living deep in the beautiful Dordogne countryside. The changes in the seasons have been inspirational for my attitude towards the work. I have used larger pieces of paper, landscapes as my subject matter and most important of all they have become abstract with gestural marks and strong colours.

The whole experience has regenerated my love of painting, giving me back that feeling that I can't wait to get into the studio to discover new marks, new colour combinations and to produce fresh work.

Exaggerated Colours

For many years artists have exaggerated the colours they can see.
Trees pushed into reds and skies into deep violet to produce exiting combinations of colour.
Any artist can say 'If only the sky was deep purple where it meets the lime green field' and then paint it just that way for a pure colour rush.

Nice quote

EGISTO & LUIGINA, two watercolour painters from Genoa, Italy told me:
"We love your style: and classic in the same way".